Family parties are a great way to reconnect and have fun with people you don’t see often. But many of family parties fall flat before they really get going. A sad but true fact that doesn’t have to happen, but if you follow these few simple tips you can plan the perfect family party that will have them raving for years!

The problem with most family parties is they are either not planned enough or over planned. These two things can definitely cause a party to fail. An under planned party is usually a disaster before it really gets going. You know the sort, guests begin to arrive and nothing is prepared. There aren't any activities planned, there is insufficient food and so there is nothing much to do but sit around and visit.

But, just like an under planned party fails because of no activities, an over planned party fails for the reason that there are too many activities planned. Think about how long your party will last and plan enough activities for that time period. You don’t want to have enough games for several days if your party is only lasting a few hours.

So, what can you do to make sure your next family party is definitely a success? Here are several suggestions to keep your party moving!

Certainly meals are very important to a good party, but you need to consider your crowd. If you are planning to have young children attend be sure you have kid friendly food aside from the meal you are making for the adults. Hotdogs, potato chips, ice cream cones and finger foods are typically perfect for kids. You may get few that will actually like to try the adult food so you need to have enough of that as well.

In addition to planning food for the kids, plan enough food to last into an afternoon of snacking. Even when you serve a meal, people are inclined to snack on chips and cookies during the day when they visit. Set up a sturdy table outside to put snacks on in order to retain the crowd where the action is. Make sure your table has strong folding table legs to support all the delicious snacks you set out!

When it comes to action, you need to have some for a great party! Group games are the best for parties such as this and you need to make sure your games get people interacting with each other. This is particularly important when you are planning to have individuals who don't know each other well or don't see each other frequently. Some fun outdoor group games are volleyball, croquet, and several uncommon games like human foosball and water softball. Have some fun and think beyond the box for your games!

Get people talking. Along with having a table for snacks, set up a folding table with scrapbooks and photographs. This is a fantastic way to start conversation and spark a few "remember when" stories. The most essential thing to remember about planning the ideal party should be to not plan for perfection. The perfect party can have flaws and mishaps, but that is what helps it to be a party to remember. Relax and enjoy yourself. When you have enough food, some fun games and great conversation your party will be a success!